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Ohio Hamster Breeder
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Well hello everyone and welcome to my website.   Please take a look around and tell me what you think.  Let me start off by telling you a little bit about me and my family.  I am married to a very good man and we have three kids, one of whom passed away.  I have always wanted to get into breeding hamsters.  So I am just starting out.  I have three hamsters of breeding age one male and two females.  One of my females is not a good mother found out the hard way.  If you have any questions or have any rare colored hamsters you want to part with give me a buzz. thanks.

I am so excited about raising these little creatures.  I am also into expanding what I have to offer so any one with any rare colors or a hairless would be my dreams come true.  All my hamsters have been interacted with by myself and my 4yr twin boy's.

Cookie - Male
Just to cute!!!!!!!!!!1

Here I might put a picture of something I made or of me enjoying my hobby.

Please get in touch and let me know what you think of this site. Also feel free to contribute to this site with your own tips.

Family Raised With Love